Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need more than 1 pair of glasses? 

  • Because you are a rock star! 
  • Because you might break a pair! 
  • Because you want to try new styles!
  • Because you love it when a stranger tells you “I love your glasses!”
  • Because you want to match your glasses to your outfit! 
  • Because you are tired of wearing the same pair of ugly glasses every day!
  • Because the price is right- a year subscription to WinkCrate = the cost of 1 pair at the eye doctor! 
  • Because we ❤️ you!   

Do you ever have coupons, freebies, etc? Yeap! Join us on Facebook and Instagram to get the 411 on all the fun. We often send coupons via our newsletter as well.

Do you do kids glasses? We do!  As a mom of 3, I know that kids break glasses....or lose them. So WinkCrate is a great way to keep them stocked! Send a pair with them to school, leave a pair with grandma and have a spare or two at home for the inevitable. 

I would love….pink….purple….black glasses….. We ❤️ sourcing funky new frames for our customers- it’s our favorite part of the job! Seriously, we get paid to shop! If you find a frame that you can’t live without send it to us and we will do our best to find it for a future box.    

How often will I be charged? You will be billed once upon signing up and then on the 1st of the month every month thereafter. Which means that depending on when you sign up, you can be billed twice before you ever receive a pair. We know it sucks….but we promise that you will receive everything that you paid for. You will always be in a pre-paid status.   You can cancel at any time (but we hope you won’t want to!)   

When will my box ship out? After renewals on the 1st, we get to work putting together your trendy new pair of glasses. It will take us approximately 1-2 weeks to make them….and then another 1-2 weeks to pack and ship. So, unless a zombie outbreak happens, you should expect to see your glasses towards the end of the month. We will post updates on Facebook, so always check there first!  

What kinds of lenses do you have? Right now, we can fill single vision distance prescriptions, reading, bifocals and non-prescription only.   We choose high quality lenses to fit your prescription – and we will on occasion send frames with sunglasses, anti-blue lenses, etc. That’s half the fun of a subscription box after all- what will be in this month’s crate?   

How do I measure my Pupil Distance (PD)? Your eye doctor really wanted you to buy those $400 frames in his office. In fact, he kept part of your prescription a secret in the hopes that you would have no choice but to buy from him. Have no fear- measuring your pupil distance is easy!

How do I adjust the fit of my glasses? Real talk- my nose is crooked. It’s not like freakishly crooked, but it’s wonky enough that my glasses never sit just right on my face. Which means that my glasses need a little adjusting…’s super easy to do. 

My prescription has changed, how do I update my account? Congrats on becoming more visually challenged! Please send us an email with your new script and we will take care of the rest. Please keep in mind, your next pair may already be in production so shoot us an email and let us know and we will do our best to catch it in time.    

What are our lenses made of? Our lenses are made of impact resistant polycarbonate. They are strong, thin and perfect for the majority of prescriptions.    

Do you offer non-prescription glasses? We do- simply put O in lieu of the prescription. We won’t tell anyone you have great vision….everyone deserves to rock a nice pair of glasses.    

Do you offer international shipping? Sure! It's more expensive, but we can do it.    

When will I get my first order? This really depends on when you first sign up- but if you aren’t rockin’ a new pair of specs within 6 weeks shoot us an email to make sure that we got your order.   

Do you accept insurance? Nope. We are considered out of network. You will save a ton of money over the long term though, and you won’t be forced to wear out-of-date, ugly glasses.   

I got my glasses and the prescription is wrong- HELP! Send us an email!   

But my head is big! It's ok! Send us an email after you order and let us know that you want us to find you larger frames. We can do it for you- no extra charge!

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